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Elite gertuvės laikiklis Eroica Single

EL0156002 / 77834


90 g


74 mm



32,00 €
Su PVM 3-14 d.d.
In Stock


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The EROICA bottlecage is the aluminium bottlecage to install on a bicycle's handlebar. 

Its design closely mirrors the bottlecages of past champions.

An elegant and detailed tool, with opaque satin-finishing. 

It's adjustable based on bottle diameter and features a system that holds the bottle in place even on the harshest terrains (for instance, dirt roads) by using a simple lever.

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EL0156002 / 77834
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Elite gertuvės laikiklis Prism, kairės p., glossy

PRISM is Elite’s new product featuring a practical side-loading structure designed to offer mountain bike riders an innovative and ergonomic solution to water carrying – especially for cyclists who have smaller bike frames and modest bottle mounting areas.

Kaina 15,00 €
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Elite gertuvės laikiklis Moreo Inox

MORÈO INOX, made in stainless steel, is a long-lasting, shockproof and weather resistant bottlecage. It's stil very light though, which is another of its strong suits.

Kaina 24,00 €
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Nuoroda: EL0123301 / 77521

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Elite gertuvės tvirtinimas Vip

Bottle cage support for fitting on frames that don’t have specific fixing holes, or to increase the standard number of bottle cages. Compatible with tubes having diameter from 1 to 2.8 inch.

Kaina 8,50 €
In Stock

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