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Produktų sąrašas pagal prekės ženklą BSD

Nuoroda: 90851

Prekės ženklas: BSD

BMX grips BSD passenger

Kriss wanted a grip with a bit more cushion that the Dan Paley Slims and a little longer, he went with a simple mushroom style design because it works well, nothing more, keep it simple and remember to close the door on the way out.

Kaina 12,00 €

Nuoroda: 90727

Prekės ženklas: BSD

BMX grips BSD Dan Paley slims

Dan Paleys signature grips from BSD. Dan Paley is really fussy when it comes to grips, not too fat, not too thin, not to squishy the list goes on. The Dan Paley slim grips are just right. Made from soft Krayton rubber, 160mm long with a 29mm diameter when installed. Comes complete with colour matched Plastic BSD barends.

Kaina 12,00 €
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Nuoroda: 90722

Prekės ženklas: BSD

BMX Headset BSD black

Sealed and integrated BMX headset by BSD The Integrated headset by BSD is pretty straight forward - It's a 1 1/8" integrated headset with a sealed bearing race for minimum maintenance and max smoothness.

Kaina 30,00 €
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